!Oxy ‘Moron’!

The ambiguous Mr.Schrödinger, who claimed the poor kitty to be living dead! created a chaos in the Vienna valleys, only if he had not used the oxy ‘moron’ only if he hadn't dared! Then went the cat, to be found missing, the deafening silence down the road, with its absent presence. Mr. Schrödinger being a … Continue reading !Oxy ‘Moron’!

Gone under

Under the slices of unforgiving truths and a pinch of trusted lies under the branches of loose hopes and a shade of deceptive disguise under the essence of hauled relations and a blow of lust and tears under the failures of made up wins and a feast of Fright and fears! under the umbrella of … Continue reading Gone under

Psycho beings

Iniquitous demons, Hark! The dolled up evil, Veiled under innocence  Of ignorance and oblivion! Beware a psycho! Dancing beside you Or a lost spirit  Pulling you towards inexperience! The deceptive halo, Of light under dark, And a superficial hand coming towards you, That elements with the winds when you reach out! Lost in the love … Continue reading Psycho beings